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Refrigerator Repair Defrost Operation

When opening the refrigerator and fridge doors repeatedly to feature and remove food you also let warm soaked air enter the inside compartment. The humidity out of this warm air gets enticed the refrigerator evaporator curls and will freeze directly to the coils. This will form a standard frost layer facing outward of coils. If perhaps too much frost builds up on these rings, airflow will be minimal and the evaporator cannot soak up heat from the interior compartment. The result is definitely the freezer operating with a lower temperature as well as a partial or entire restriction in frosty air flow to the icebox.

To prevent too much ice from collecting on the actual evaporator coils, a self-defrosting freezer will actually stop itself for approx Twenty minutes every six to twelve hours to disappear this frost. This specific defrost cycle can be switched off and on by simply an electric defrost timer or electronic ADC panel. The timer halts the compressor in addition to switches current to an electric defrost heaters located directly beneath most evaporator coils. If the heater is stimulated the heat is extended upwards to melt the frost. The particular frost water drainpipes into a pan positioned at the bottom of the evaporator and it is diverted through a tubing into little skillet which is located on the base of most refrigerators. Nearly all Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, as well as Frigidaire models will have such a system. The condenser lover circulates warm air throughout the water filled pan and evaporates the particular drain water prior to next defrost never-ending cycle.

If all the ice melts before the thaw timer finishes the actual defrost cycle, a new terminating thermostat, or even bimetal, will keep the defrost heater from overheating the evaporator compartment. Once the freezer compartment actually reaches a fixed temperature, this terminating thermostat may open the circuit and shut off the actual electricity to the thaw heater.

Many of the afterwards electronic refrigerators incorporate an electronic device called an adaptive thaw control board. This particular electronic control panel provides the same function of the defrost cooking timer but adds a different element to save energy and to adjust the defrost cycles to “adapt” to customer usage. The adaptive thaw board monitors present the door is closed and opened. The more the freezer doors are closed and opened, the more humidity features entered the compartment. The more humidity that has entered the refrigerator the more frost that’s accumulated thus the particular “period” between each defrost never-ending cycle will be reduced.

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